Class Schedule

The following schedule is a guide for the semester. It is subject to change. Check the main page of the website for updates. Major assignment due dates are marked in bold.

Week 1—Wednesday, Sep. 7:
In Class: Get Rolling
-“Journalists today have to be Swiss Army knives”
-Course overview
-Assignments and Grading
-Equipment and hosting

For Monday’s class: Spend at least 30 minutes exploring the entries in your ONA finalists category. Pick one you want to discuss with your classmates.

Week 2—Mon., Sept. 12 and Wed., Sept. 14:
-Ethics review
-OJA example review
-Lecture and activity: Establishing a digital-first workflow
-Assignment 1: Event overview

-Explore, a local, digital-only publication and OJA finalist. What does a digital-first strategy look like at this publication? Come with examples.
-Read How a digital-first workflow guides a reporter’s work by Steve Buttry
-Read 10 ways to think like a digital journalist by Steve Buttry
-Read NPR’s Emily Harris made this checklist to organize her story process

Week 3—Mon. Sept. 19 and Wed., Sept. 21:
-Equipment booking demo
-The art of story hunting
-How to pitch a story for this class – the “XY approach”
-How newsrooms are using emerging platforms

-Watch Ira Glass on Storytelling Part 2 and Part 3
-Read Alex Blumberg on the XY “And what’s interesting…” story pitch approach
-How AJ+ reported from Baltimore using only mobile phones
-Read How to tell powerful narratives on Instagram
-Read Here’s how 6 news orgs are thinking about the chat app

Week 4—Mon., Sept. 26 and Wed., Sept. 28:
-Reviewing basics: Headlines, featured image, formatting, and hyperlinks
-Which media element/platform is best for your story?
-Curation and verification as journalism
-Curating with Storify

-Read Storify’s top tips for curating with ease
-Read assignment from the Verification Handbook
-Explore assigned OJA examples

Week 5—Mon., Oct. 3 and Wed., Oct. 5:
-Interactive approaches to “on the street” interviews
-Assignment 2: “On the Street” overview
-Video shooting and editing

-Read The web video problem by Adam Westbrook
-Read How to make boring things interesting in video by Adam Westbrook
-Explore assigned OJA examples

Week 6—Mon., Oct. 10 and Wed., Oct. 12:
-Video shooting and editing (cont.)

-Assignment 1: Event due Oct. 12

Week 7—Mon., Oct. 17 and Wed., Oct. 19:
-Assignment 1 review
-Assignment 3: Issue overview
-Group work

-Explore assigned OJA issue examples

Week 8—Mon. Oct. 24 and Wed., Oct. 26:
-Midterm catch-up and work week

-Assignment 3 pitch due
-Assignment 2: On the Street due October 26

Week 9—Mon., Oct. 31 and Wed., Nov. 2:
-Issue story reverse engineering (continued)
-Group work

-Read Tips for making storytelling portraits
-Read How to find great pictures for your stories
-Explore assigned OJA examples

Week 10—Mon, Nov. 7 and Wed., Nov. 9:
-Group work

-Explore assigned OJA examples

Week 11—Mon. Nov. 14 and Wed., Nov. 16:
-Group work

-Assignment 3: Issue due Nov. 16

Week 12—Monday, Nov. 21 and Wed., Nov. 23:
-Assignment 4: Profile overview
-Elements of a great profile
-How news organizations are using Virtual Reality to do profiles

-Explore OJA profile examples

Week 13—Mon., Nov. 28 and Wed., Nov. 30:
-Profile work

-Explore OJA profile examples
-Assignment 4: Profile pitch due

Week 14—Mon., Dec. 5 and Wed. Dec. 7:
-Things I hope you take away from the semester
-Course evaluation
-Profile first draft meetings

Week 15—Mon., Dec. 12: LAST DAY OF CLASS:
-In class work on profiles

Finals Week – Dec. 14 – 20
-Assignment 4: Profile due TBA