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My name is Nick DiUlio, a freelance writer and editor from New Jersey. I have been passionate about the craft of writing since I was old enough to spell, and this love has led to a successful career in journalism and creative nonfiction. As a freelancer, I have covered a wide range of topics and personalities, as my published work has focused on everything from profiles of artists and important political figures to hard-news stories with both national and local appeal; from restaurant and beverage reviews to tips on fashion and finance; from health and wellness pieces to celebrity Q&A’s. My work has appeared in several local, regional and national publications—both in print and online—including Philadelphia Magazine,, Miller-McCune, New Jersey Monthly, Eating Well, and Delaware Today. Additionally, I am the South Jersey Bureau Chief for New Jersey Monthly and an adjunct journalism professor at Rowan University. To be sure, the broadness of my body of work seems only to be matched by my boundless interest in almost every subject imaginable (except Warren Zevon). Check out some of my most recently published work here.

Week 3—Sept. 25 & 27

-A few more thoughts on media “steamships” and “cigarette boats” –Art of story hunting –How to pitch stories for this class (Using XY And what’s interesting… test) -Assignment I: Event pitches –Which media element/platform is best for your story? –Assignment … Continue reading

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In-Class Storify Assignment

Worth 2 Participation Points Storify is a tool for curation. See BillyPenn’s Storify on Pope visit to Philadelphia. The main goal of the assignment is to practice the key aspects of journalistic curation, including how to: Identify essential pieces information … Continue reading

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How/where to post your post-event coverage of Assignment I: Event

Cover your event before and during as you have planned out in your workflow. After the event, curate your coverage and summarize your engagement with the audience. Here is how to do it… 1. Create a public online place for … Continue reading

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Art of Story Hunting

Not Everything We Call a “Story” is a Story The writer and writing coach Jack Hart has noted that journalists have a habit of calling almost everything we do a story whether or not it has any narrative elements.

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How to pitch a story using XY “And what’s interesting…” test

In an article in Transom Review, NPR radio reporter and journalism instructor Alex Blumberg offers some great advice for determining if you on the right track to finding a good story and pitching it to an editor. He suggests that reporters pitch … Continue reading

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Week 2 — Sept. 11 & 13

In Class: —Discuss a story from the 2017 Online Journalism Awards finalists. How would you describe the values/critiera of the OJAs based on the finalists and winners? Briefly describe the entry/story you particularly liked? What pulled you in? Tell us about the news … Continue reading

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Assignment I: Event Workflow – What to do and how to do it

I must approve your Assignment 1 pitch. Don’t proceed until you get the OK from me. Once your event pitch is approved, then you can start working on your workflow. Your workflow must be emailed to me prior to your … Continue reading

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