Assignment 2: On the Street Video – Fall 18

Due Friday November 8 by 5 p.m.
Worth 20 points. No late work accepted.

-Question pitch due Oct. 22 in class
-Rough cut due Monday Nov. 5 in class
-Final cut due Friday Nov. 8 by 5 p.m.


  1. Alexandria and Bill
  2. Sherri and Erin
  3. Tatyana and Emely
  4. Bobby and Chad
  5. Tyler and Kaitlyn
  6. Nick and Justin
  7. Alex and Aden
  8. Jelani and Greg
  9. Jasmine and Sean


Past Student Work:


-To create a compelling, person-on-the-street video tied to current events or news story.
-To learn to interview in a way that invites people to respond with their personal experiences, anecdotes, and reflections. Remember—opinions are less interesting than emotions!
-To improve video shooting and editing skills.
-To create a video with attention to online platform and audience.
-To work in a team to shoot and edit a video.

Formulating a question:

Each team must pitch a question to ask for their person-on-the-street video based on a randomly drawn current event topic. Due Oct. 22 in class.

The question should:

  • Be connected to a current event or news story (but it shouldn’t go quickly out of date).
  • Invite the interview subject to reflect on their own personal experience, not just give an opinion on an issue. Remember—emotions and anecdotes are more interesting than opinions.
  • Yield answers that are engaging, surprising and informative.

For example…

If your current event is a reflection on the recent school shooting in Florida…

Don’t ask: What do you think of the shooting that took place in Florida last month?
Instead ask: How has the school shooting in Florida made you rethink you’re sense of safety in society?

If your current event is the current state of race relations in America…

Don’t ask: What is your opinion of race relations in America?
Instead ask: What does it mean to be American? When do you feel most American? Or least?

If your current event is Rowan University’s priorities…

Don’t ask: What is your biggest pet peeve about Rowan? (Because everyone is going to say “parking.”)
Instead ask: What is the most difficult experience or situation you’ve faced in college?

Assignment Requirements:

-Come up with an interview question tied to current events or news that will yield informative and reflective responses. (Must be approved ahead of time).
-Team members must shoot and edit together.
-Interviews must be conducted with at least eight (8) people; subjects should be diverse (i.e., in terms of sex, race, age, point-of-view). This means you will need to interview MORE than eight (8) people to get eight (8) outstanding soundbites. I recommend logging interviews with at least ten (10) to fifteen (15) different people so you have a wide selection of possibilities.
-Video should be between two-and-a-half to five minutes long.
-Full names, age, and occupation or major required for each person interviewed. Either the subjects state their names in the video or you will use text in the bottom quarter of the screen.
-Interviews should be edited into a compelling web-specific video.

Grading Rubric:

Rough Cut  (2 points)
-Each team must submit a rough cut by Monday Nov. 5 and revise their final draft based on responses. Rough cut must include soundbites from at least 8 interview subjects and demonstrate significant effort/progress in editing process.

Writing (1 points)
-Compelling, descriptive headline with key words
-Introductory text (2-3 sentences) that provides necessary context
-Full names, ages, and occupation or major (if students) of sources identified in appropriate location

Visual (3 points)
-Clean, compelling and well-framed visual of interview subjects

Audio (3 points)
-Clean, clear sound of interview subjects

Editing (4 points)
-Interviews edited in a clear, compelling manner with attention to digital audience

Content (4 points)
-On-the-street video provides content that is newsworthy, compelling, thought-provoking and/or fun to watch.
-Diversity of subjects (i.e., in terms of sex, race, age, point-of-view)
-Is this something you would share on social media with others?

Teamwork (3 points)
-Each team member will account for the work they did on project and receive a grade based on their participation and collaboration.

How to submit video:

  1. Export your video and post it to a public YouTube account. (See exporting instructions for Adobe Premiere and Final Cut X below.)
  2. Embed your video into a WordPress post or another website. Make sure it’s public.
  3. Write a compelling headline that is clear, descriptive and uses key words.
  4. Write introductory text that provides necessary context for the video. It should introduce it and compel viewer to watch. Full names, ages, and occupation/major are required for each person in your video. If they are not included in the video content, then you must put them in the text of the post.
  5. Include bylines for each member of your team.
  6. Publish your post.
  7. Email me a link to your post.

How to Share from Adobe Premiere to YouTube

How to Share from Final Cut Pro to YouTube

First, you can try to built in option to share directly from Final Cut to YouTube. If it doesn’t work try…

  1. Add Export File Destination
    >Add Destination
    Drag the icon for Export File to the menu on the left
    Close the window

2. To Export
Select Export File icon
Click on Settings
Set Video Codec to H.264
1280 X 720 resolution
Click Next
Save to your Desktop or other location

3. Then follow instructions for how to upload video to YouTube


About Nick DiUlio

My name is Nick DiUlio, a freelance writer and editor from New Jersey. I have been passionate about the craft of writing since I was old enough to spell, and this love has led to a successful career in journalism and creative nonfiction. As a freelancer, I have covered a wide range of topics and personalities, as my published work has focused on everything from profiles of artists and important political figures to hard-news stories with both national and local appeal; from restaurant and beverage reviews to tips on fashion and finance; from health and wellness pieces to celebrity Q&A’s. My work has appeared in several local, regional and national publications—both in print and online—including Philadelphia Magazine,, Miller-McCune, New Jersey Monthly, Eating Well, and Delaware Today. Additionally, I am the South Jersey Bureau Chief for New Jersey Monthly and an adjunct journalism professor at Rowan University. To be sure, the broadness of my body of work seems only to be matched by my boundless interest in almost every subject imaginable (except Warren Zevon). Check out some of my most recently published work here.
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